"Fulfilling Dreams Where Opportunity Does Not Exist"


    Happy Waves Surf School is proud to partner with the local Chris Moyer (CMYR) Memorial Surf Fund to provide a
    donation service for underprivileged kids to experience the love and stoke that surfing provides!
    All donations will go directly to surf lesson fees for kids, families and school groups that have a hard time affording
    extra curricular activities with the ever mounting costs of living rising around us. Thanks Chris!
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  • Chris Moyer (CMYR) was born to surf! An art and graphic design graduate from Flagler College in 2015, Chris developed his love for riding the waves between the Outer Banks of NC; Virginia Beach, VA; Costa Rica; and finally, the beaches of his beloved St Augustine, FL. His first paddle out was at the age of 9 with his father off the shores of Florida in the summer of 1999. In his youth as a military child Chris moved a lot. Inevitably, he became a very passionate & fearless surfer at an early age with conditioning from the cold winter waters of the Atlantic to the tropics of the Pacific. He carried this drive into every area of his life, and it made complete sense that one day he would eventually become a lifeguard & a surf instructor himself.
    This initiative, the CMYR Memorial Surf Fund, is an extension of Chris’ love and passion for the water and the surfing way of life. Knowing that “Only a surfer knows the feeling,” it was always in Chris’ heart that others, without an opportunity, would somehow be given the chance to learn how to surf and to experience their own first paddle out much like he did back in 1999. With your help, we can accomplish this dream!
    Surfing is an art. And much like the canvas is to the artist, so is the wave to the surfer. GET STOKED! Only a surfer knows the feeling!”
    Christopher Matthew Moyer (Chris) 2-25-1990 to 2-17-2022
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    Thank you!